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Taco Bell!
Yes, Jalopnik, we DO take our own advice

Here's a funny  for you!  In September 2010, our vehicle was 'spotted' at a Taco Bell in Michigan.  I know...it sounds sinister already....or at least it seemed sinister to the guy behind us at the Drive-Thru. 

He identifies himself as a writer for Jalopnik.com, and he photographed our truck in line to post it to their site.  Unfortunately, the sloppy researchers at Jalopnik did not bother to get their facts straight before posting the photo, so their tagline says, "DrFood doesn't take own advice".  Sloppy journalism reflects so very poorly on the individuals involved, and we have notified them twice about how unprofessional their site looks because of their attempt to 'make up' news when there really isn't any.

Their viewer comments were the icing on the cake, however, as assumptions are made that I was a male, ordered beef, went to medical school, etc. etc. One viewer actually took the time to find one of my Press Photos online and artisitically alter it to say DrFood 'meant to be at Kentucky Fried Chicken'. 

Wow...as a dear friend commented, it's like I have paparazzi. :)

I admit it's surreal to me that people who never met me cared what I had for dinner that busy night!

The bottom line is, we were, in fact, taking our own advice.  We ordered the Bean Burrito minus cheese, which IS vegan and free of veterinary hormones and veterinary antibiotics. 

Hmmm...I wonder what the Jalopnik guy behind me in line at Taco Bell ordered... :)



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