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Michigan Firefighter Challenge Consultation

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Price: $150.00
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In your Initial Consultation, Dr. Kerrie Saunders will thoroughly assess your Department and design the perfect Food & Fitness Challenge to meet your needs. 

We'll take into consideration full-time, part-time, paid call, municipal style, the number and nature of your Department's runs, the number of Stations, the geography of your city, local hospitals and ambulance servers, and the needs and goals of your individual firefighters.  All of our programming is designed with the specifics of your Department in mind.  We will also discuss many ways to fund your Department's Challenge, and explore potential Challenge start-dates.

Once your Department has made the decision to join us, your customized 8-Week Michigan Firefighter Challenge will include:

  • Pre- & Post- Labwork Coordination
  • 8 Firefighter Boot Camps designed specifically for firefighters, by Living Healthy & Fit, LLC
  • Food Demonstrations
  • Health Presentations
  • Optional friendly competition between stations OR neighboring Departments
  • Family Events
  • Private Q&A Call-In Times
  • Movie Nights
  • Dr. Saunders' autographed book
  • Texas Firefighter Rip Esselstyn's book, The Engine 2 Diet
  • A Graduation Celebration & MORE!

Call (248) 705-9722 to schedule your Michigan Firefighter Departmental Consultation NOW. 



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