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Telephone Consultation

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Price: $295.00
Prod. Code: TC90

A personal 90-minute telephone consultation with Dr. Kerrie Saunders, available globally from the convenience of your home or office via teleconference/phone.

Explore and discuss your personal history, and learn how to identiry the best REAL foods to help you maintain a healthy weight, correct nutrient deficiencies, increase athletic performance, fight the visible signs of aging, or work with food allergies and intolerance.  This experience will be customized to help you with your own personal risk factor reduction, such as ways to help lower body fat, cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar and other risk factors which can lead to cancer, stroke, heart attack, or diabetes. 

You'll receive strategies customized to your needs and goals, to share with your physician - keeping with the Integrated Medicine model for healing and health - the best of both worlds.

Once you have registered for a Consultation, simply call 248-930-0829 to schedule arrange a convenient Consultation appointment day and time.



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