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Conference for BIA Professionals

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    You can arrange to have Dr. Kerrie Saunders on-site, at your office for a complete Body Composition Assessment training seminar for your entire staff.  (1-day or 2-day packages are available)

This training is customizable and suited for every professional at your location: Practitioner, Technician, Administrative, Support, Trainer, Coach, Nurse, Researcher, Dietitian, or Nutritionist.sst 

In many medical settings, the chemistry of the body (i.e. serum, saliva, urine) is assessed, but the critically important analysis of the structure of the body is missing.

Supine Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (S-BIA) gives the practitioner state-of-the-art measurements of the composition of the body, allowing for more progressive,     precisely-targeted, and individualized strategies for weight, health, and disease management. By monitoring subtle measureable changes in composition associated with chronic disease and cellular hydration, you have the ability to make timely adjustments and help patients move from surviving to thriving. Using state-of-the-art frequency technology, BIA measures numerous biomarkers associated with health and disease. 

 At your hosptial, clinic, university, or office, Dr. Saunders covers each step and level of involvement with body composition, including how to:

  • properly conduct the supine BIA protocol

  • avoid common errors

  • schedule patients

  • calibrate  and care for the device and adhesive electrodes

  • load and run your BIA software

  • understand the report options available

  • read reports (including Skeletal Muscle Mass, Fat, Total Body Water, Intracellular Water, Extracellular Water, Lean Dry Mass, Lean Soft Tissue, Phase Angle, BMI, Basal Metabolic Rate, Daily Energy Expenditure, and Food & FItness sections)

  • determine areas where you may want your patient to work

  • discuss relevant supplement strategies

  • identify areas you may want to consider further testing

  • translate the data to patients in a meaningful and memorable way

  • keeo your patients motivated for change

  • market your BIA to the community and new patients

  • understand and utilize the American Medical Association CPT Code for billing


Dr. Saunders is uniquely and superbly qualified, as she:

  • has been consulting and teaching food science and health for over 20 years

  • is the former Director of Education for RJL Systems (the innovator of BIA for modern body composition)

  • is a Certified FLT Health Care Provider

  • authored the first successful application and oral defense for the American Medical Association on the use of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis in medical settings.

 To customize and schedule your office training package, please call Ariana, at 248-808-3601.



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