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Presentations can be scheduled with Dr. Kerrie Saunders for Healthcare Professionals or for the General Public.  Author signing for her book and Food Demo DVD series is available with any presentation.  For availability, details and scheduling, please call Ariana at (248) 930-0829 or email us at  drkerriesaunders@gmail.com




Finally! Need-to-know nutrition in a memory-friendly format!   Memorable fun facts in easy lists of five facts - on your favorite hot topics, like protein, iron, essential fats, cooking tips, food cravings, cholesterol, gross things and more, to help you stay on track and dazzle your friends and family (when asked, of course!). Dr. Saunders' new course designed to delight!

WFPB Whole Food Plant Based: THE REAL DEAL
Whether vegan or vegan-curious. this class covers it all. From the basics on macronutrients to nuances of micronutrients, to guidelines helping with optimal intake. B12, Omega 3, "To soy or not to soy"...the why and how of going WFPB - the hottest trend in human nutrition is here to stay!

A candid new look at the statement, 'But, I simply can't LIVE without my cheese (or ice cream, or chicken, or caffeine, or chocolate, or...?)! Find out why certain foods seem to 'call your name'; explore the similarities in behavior patterns between individuals addicted to alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs; our own relationships with food; Learn new techniques to help make the switch to better health!


Designed especially for success! Food Friends and Foes; Common but little known sources of cholesterol; knowing where to start; why most 'diets' will fail - over and over again; issues related specifically to menopause; fitness tips; the importance of correcting nutritional deficiencies to help curb cravings; safe JumpStart systems. All in an atmosphere comfortable for questions - one of her most popular presentations. 



Cutting-edge research-based recommendations to help you fine-tune your food intake. Essential fatty acids; the omega-3:omega-6 balance; Vitamin B12; iron; calcium; magnesium; the research behind whole food, plant-based (WFPB) eating; Be the best example you can be, by knowing your nutrients and their optimal sources! 

Integrated practitioners all over the globe are now using Lifestyle Change therapies with their patients to help prevent and reverse disease processes like diabetes, cancer, obesity and heart disease.  Many practitioners assess the chemistry of the body (via serum, urine and saliva panels), but unfortunately omit the critically important analysis of the structure of the body.  Supine Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (S-BIA) gives the practitioner state-of-the-art measurements of the composition of the body, allowing for more progressive, precisely-targeted and individualized strategies for weight, health, and disease management. By monitoring subtle measurable changes in composition associated with chronic disease and cellular hydration, you have the ability to make timely adjustments and help patients move from surviving to thriving.  Successful and happy patients refer. Maximize the use of your BIA - the gold standard of body composition assessment has been proven over 40 years of research by the National Institutes of Health, the US Navy, ESPEN, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Yale, Harvard, the University of Michigan, and many others. Take your practice to the next level - know your patients' chemistry AND composition.


The weight on the scale is only the beginning of what we can know about the structure of the body. The COMPOSITION of that weight tells you where you need to work. By utilizing bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), we garner state-of-the-art measures like Skeletal Muscle Mass, Total Body Water, Fat, Phase Angle, and Intracellular water.  For example we can help answer questions like, 'are those excess pounds water retention, body fat, or a combination?' The strategy you follow for optimal health depends upon where you need to lose (or gain) the weight. A variety of body composition assessment methods will be discussed, with an emphasis on supine BIA - the gold standard of body composition assessment proven in over 40 years of research by the National Institutes of Health, the US Navy, ESPEN, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Yale, Harvard, the University of Michigan, and many others.

Americans eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) today have a 1 in 2 chance of dying of a heart attack, and a 1 in 3 chance of dying from cancer. Research from around the world tells us that there is a way to make a dramatic difference in these unbelievable statistics, by changing lifestyle factors 100% within your control! We'll look at cancer, blood sugar disorders, heart attack, stroke, and obesity from a whole new angle, and get practical advice on how to make the switch to a cutting-edge, health promoting food and fitness plan.





Continuing Education Courses for Dental and Orthodontic Healthcare professionals can be scheduled with Dr. Saunders by calling  PEAK (888) 477-7325.  



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