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Consultation for BIA Professionals

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For physicians and health care professionals utilizing a Bioelectrical Impedance Analyzer for body composition, this 1-hour telephone consultation will cover a primer overview of report highlights and biomarkers, and suggestions on topics to explore with your patient. 

You can also send along up to 3 BIA reports ahead of time, and the Q&A is tailored to your needs. Once you or your office staff member has registered, simply call 248-930-0829 to schedule your Consultation for BIA professionals. 

Why Dr. Saunders on BIA?

Dr. Saunders:

  • authored the first-ever successful application and oral defense for the American Medical Association for the Category III CPT Code for Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (0358T), defining the scientific and clinical use of BIA in medical settings and for health care professionals
  • co-author of the Guidelines for a Standard of Care for Preventive and Integrated Medicine 
  • is a Certified FLT Health Care Provider
  • former Director of Education for RJL Systems BIA medical devices
  • a featured expert on the use of food in medicine in the exciting new “Eating You Alive” documentary movie
  • supervisor of the world’s first multi-university interdisciplinary curriculum for medical schools on the use of food in medicine
  • is a Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine Food For Life Instructor for both diabetes and cancer prevention
  • contributer of two chapters in the blockbuster book, “RETHINK FOOD”
  • co-star in the Food Demonstration DVD series, “When Bachelor Meets Homemaker”
  • author of the book, “The Vegan Diet as Chronic Disease Prevention”, now a Publishers BestSeller, in its 3rd printing



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To schedule a Presentation, Body Composition, or Author-signing Event with Dr. Saunders, please call Ariana at (248) 930-0829
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