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Work with Dr. Saunders in the following ways:

  • Groups/Corporations of any size
    • Presentations
    • Author signing events
    • BIA Body Composition events
    • Web classes

  • Individuals:
    • Private Functional Food Consultations
    • Body Composition Assessment report Consultation

  • Medical/Healthcare Team
    • CME/CEU/CE continuing education courses
    • Presentations
    • BIA Body Composition Events
    • BIA Body Composition telephone/internet Professional Consultation



Telephone Consultation
Telephone Consultation

This Consultation is perfect for the person who needs real answers and a personalized Strategy that is right for you - from the convenience of your own home or office. 


Body Composition Assessment - Supine BIA
Body Composition Assessment - Supine BIA

A 14-page customized Report for you to keep and share with your physician, covering several biomarkers associated with health and disease. While blood and urine give you information about the chemistry of the body, and BIA gives you information about the structure of your body.

BIA is WAY BEYOND 'fat percent'..."KNOW what you're made of..."

(Note: Group CLASSES for any size are also available utilizing BIA technology. Perfect for group challenges and corporate settings.  Please call 248-930-0829 for details. 


Consultation for BIA Professionals
Consultation for BIA Professionals

For physicians and health care professionals utilizing a Bioelectrical Impedance Analyzer for body composition, this 1-hour telephone consultation will cover a primer overview of report highlights and biomarkers, and suggestions on topics to explore with your patient. 

You can also send along up to 3 BIA reports ahead of time, and the Q&A is tailored to your needs. 


Conference for BIA Professionals
Conference for BIA Professionals

 You can arrange to have Dr. Kerrie Saunders on-site, at your office for a complete Body Composition Assessment training seminar for your entire staff.  (1-day or 2-day packages are available)

This training is customizable and suited for every professional at your location: Practitioner, Technician, Administrative, Support, Trainer, Coach, Nurse, Researcher, Dietitian, or Nutritionist. Uniquely and superbly qualified, Dr. Saunders covers each step and level of involvement with body composition. 




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To schedule a Presentation, Body Composition, or Author-signing Event with Dr. Saunders, please call Ariana at (248) 930-0829
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