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About Dr. Kerrie Saunders


Dr. Kerrie Saunders, MS, LLP, PhD ("DrFood")  is an internationally known Presenter, Consultant and Bestselling Author.  Her combined expertise in psychology, plant-based nutrition, body composition, and food addiction is unmatched in the US.

Her work has been featured in numerous books, newspapers, magazines, e-zines, and on radio, including Ultimate Weight Loss, Vegetarians & Vegans in America Today, VegFamily, PlantPure Nation, PlantYourself, MainStreet Vegan, Vegetarian Baby & Child, Famous Vegetarian Celebrities, VegNews, and Food & Nutrition Controversies Today, and DrFood's Nutrition Intermission - just to name a few.  She has presented to audiences throughout the US and Canada, delighting participants from the experienced to the vegan-curious.

She co-authored the critically acclaimed Standard of Care Guide for Preventive and Integrated Medicine, and contributed two chapters to ReThink Food. She is also prominently featured in the blockbuster movie documentary about food in medicine, Eating You Alive.

Her book, The Vegan Diet As Chronic Disease Prevention is now a Publishers Bestseller in its third print, and ALSO available for Kindle! It's a Must-Have for anyone serious about health.   

Dr. Saunders co-stars with Celebrity Fitness Trainer John Pierre, in their feisty and fabulous Food Demonstration DVD series, When Bachelor Meets Homemaker!  Super simple, super nutrition, and absolutely guaranteed delicious recipes - just like they use with their clients from all over the world!

Dr. Saunders began her career in 1987 as a Master's level clinical psychologist. After post-graduate work in research at the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, she earned her Doctoral degree in Natural Health after post-graduate coursework at the University of Michigan, Miami University, and Clayton College. 

While working as the Food and Fitness Consultant at the McIntyre Health Center for Integrated Medicine, she garnered the nickname, "DrFood" because of her work teaching clients and medical professionals to use controllable therapeutic lifestyle factors like food and fitness to help prevent or reverse food cravings and many chronic disease processes like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, IBS and obesity. 

Dr. Saunders earned her Certification as a FirstLine Therapy Health Care Provider in 2006.  She was one of four Global Diabetes Moderators, and a Food For Life cancer and diabetes prevention food demonstrator for the Washington DC-based Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.  She has been a guest lecturer at the University of Detroit-Mercy, and a Guest Chef at Providence Health Systems and at the Henry Ford Health System.

Dr. Saunders also developed the 8-hour required, and 8-hour elective Advanced Food Science & Health curriculum for Irene's Myomassology Institute in Southfield, Michigan, an accredited and acclaimed progressive center for its holistic approach to human health.  Dr. Saunders also supervised the world’s first multi-university interdisciplinary curriculum for medical schools on the use of food in medicine. Her current interests include the development nutrigenomic research and casomorphin addiction.

In recent years, Dr. Saunders served as Director of Education for RJL Systems, a global leader in body composition, and Executive Director of the startup 501c3 Plant Based Nutrition Support Group.

Currently, Dr. Saunders coordinates the Michigan Firefighter Challenge, and serves as a Consultant on supine bioelectrical impedance analysis body composition for the world-renowned Institute for Functional Medicine.

If your group would like to schedule Dr. Saunders for her 2020 National Speaking Tour, please email us at drkerriesaunders@gmail.com



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