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Dr. Kerrie Saunders, MS, LLP, PhD is an internationally known presenter and author with work featured in numerous newspapers, magazines, e-zines, and on television and radio.  She has presented to audiences from Hawaii to Toronto, and her book on diet as disease prevention is a publisher's bestseller.  Her spicy & delicious wisdom has been featured in her popular advice column, "Dear Dr. Kerrie," in VegNews magazine, and on radio's "Nutrition Intermission".  She guest lectures at several universities and hospital/health systems, and is the Director of Marketing & Education for RJL Systems. Dr. Saunders has been promoting plant-based eating since 1996, and serves as Coordinator of the E2 Michigan Firefighter Challenge.


Recent testimonials from Dr. Saunders' work:

"Excellent knowledge for a healthy lifestyle!"

"I'm 90 - but I've felt 30 YEARS younger since working with Dr. Kerrie!"

"Quite informative and related to the dental and medical profession – loved the evidence-based explanations!"

"A “Must” Experience!"

"Exceeded my expectations – Dr. Saunders really made an impression and got through to me."


"I've seen Dr. Kerrie present at events and on TV, heard her on the radio, read her book and her column in VegNews magazine...and wow!  She's truly an inspiring and knowledgeable speaker, educator and consultant.  She's currently teaching firefighters how to reverse their health issues through diet and exercise, with great results -- how cool is that?!  Kerrie is a star on the healthy-lifestyle front!"      


Thank you to VegNews Magazine for yet another great review of our "When Bachelor Meets Homemaker" DVD series! "...cook up fast, healthy fare, making it look both easy and fun while offering a wealth of nutritional info to motivate." ~ January/February 2012 issue



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Your Functional Food and Fitness Consultation with Dr. Kerrie Saunders, MS, LLP, PhD is customized to help you meet your specific and unique goals. Through REAL food and safe and effective fitness tips, your experience will be designed to help you identify and correct nutrient deficiencies, increase athletic performance, fight the visible signs of aging, or work with food allergies or intolerance. Consultations are also customized for risk factor reduction, such as ways to help lower body fat, cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar and other risk factors which can lead to cancer, stroke, heart attack, or diabetes. Most clients achieve their knowledge goals in just 3-4 sessions, and the results are SPECTACULAR!


Private Consultations with Dr. Saunders and state of the art BioElectrical Impedance Assessments (for numerous health biomarkers) are available in southeastern Michigan, or at scheduled on-site events. See her Events Calendar for currently scheduled sites, or call 248-808-3601.   

You can also work with Dr. Saunders from anywhere in the world through her Remote Consultation Packages, via telephone, or through her online WeightLoss WOW! challenge. Get results from the convenience of your own home or office anywhere in the world!  


See the PRESENTATIONS tab for information on corporate and group presentation topics, and Continuing Education opportunities for Dental/Orthodontic/Healthcare professionals with Dr. Saunders through PEAK.   AA  A                     Author signing for her book and Food Demo DVD series is available with any presentation.  For availability, details and scheduling, please call Ariana at (248) 808-3601, or email us at 

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