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3 Featured Success Stories

Congratulations to Stan Grabitz,  WMIC Radio DJ and Host of the nationally-known, featured daily Swap Shop right here in Michigan! 

Stan has lost 65 pounds and he's been able to rediscover his passion for cycling.  His physician has reduced his medications, eliminated his sleep apnea, and he's closer to his goal of total medication elimination!  Stan says he feels he has his life back!   In fact, he and his wife hiked the Grand Canyon and he's back to avid bicycling!


Congratulations, Stan!  We are so happy for your success!


Stan Grabitz

Congratulations to Jim Carpenter, Commerce Firefighter Extraordinaire! 

Jim has lost 70 pounds, dramatically improved his lipid profile, and his physician has eliminated his diabetic medications!  

Jim also won the esteemed Leadership Award during his participation in the 2010 'Engine 2' Michigan Firefighter Challenge.  He says he's NEVER felt better, he'll be rock climbing with his son later this year, and he's training for a 10K Run in 2011!

Congratulations, Jim!  We are so happy for your success!

 Congratulations to Roberta Smith-Pridemore, who has now lost 125 pounds!

Roberta has been looking and feeling great, but she says what REALLY struck her was realizing she had now lost "over 3 bags of salt"!!   She said her husband periodically needs to refill their well water softener system with 40-pound bags of salt, and one day she realized she used to carry around all of that extra, unnecessary weight - every day!

Roberta's love for fitness has become a lifestyle, she's just joined a gym, and nothing's standing in her way on her pursuit of optimal health!


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