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Dr. Kerrie Saunders, MS, LLP, PhD is an internationally known presenter, consultant, and  publisher's bestselling author. Get to know a little bit more of her work:


Dr. Yami interviews Dr. Saunders about Body Composition
Dr. Prigatano discusses how suboptimal nutrition can cause pain and extra bodyweight with Dr. Saunders
Dr. Saunders on Preventive Nutrition and Integrated Medicine

iThrive DVD series goes LIVE
Dr. Saunders at the Montgomery Health Summit  . Saunders on the concept of Preventive Nutrition in Integrated Medicine  MEDIA

Dr. Saunders on the concept of Preventive Nutrition in Integrated Medicine  FoxFFox 2 News interviews Dr. Saunders for the movie documentary, Eating You Alive

Chef AJ interviews Dr. Saunders about Body Composition


The MittTV asks about how Dr. Saunders works with her clients


Dr. Joel Fuhrman and Dr. Saunders take time out at Whole Foods Market

DrFood interviews Dr. Joel Fuhrman about the concept of Nutrient Density


Eating You Alive blockbuster documentary features Dr. Saunders


Dr. Saunders' Channel 7 Henry Ford Hospital Food Demonstration


Dr. Saunders on vegan pregnancy 


DrFood and Dr. Joel Fuhrman discuss the affect of our food choices

Dr. Saunders is a key contributor to the new book, Rethink Food, featured on The Huffington Post


Dr. Saunders on different types of diets: vegan/ plant-based 


Dr. Saunders at the Montgomery Health Summit

  DrFood and Dr. Joel Fuhrman discuss foods to avoid.

Hear how Dr. Saunders' WeightLoss WOW!TM  program is different 

The MittTV interview with Dr. Saunders

 See Dr. Saunders' interview with CMN about the 2012 Green Living Festival , June ,


Learn more about the Michigan Firefighter Challenge - and see our Feature Story at Engine 2 

You heard it here first - The Perfect Poop! 


Dr. Saunders on making vegan easy for beginners 

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Listen to Dr. Saunders' Balance for the Body: Orchard Grove Church message 

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